Kanata – La controverse
Robert Lepage

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For the latest Robert Lepage’s theatre play,
I was commissioned by le Théâtre du Soleil to fake a painting with digital technology.
I used high-res pictures of the steps of a portrait as a material for live render.
Disguised as a canvas, a high-definition screen with Pqlabs infrared tracking technology.

On stage, the actress started from a sketch, and followed several steps of painting, revealing the portrait colors at tracking position.
Mimicking the act of painting, she used various physical brushes, sizes variations were matched live on the render.
I built this rendering system using TouchDesigner, remotely operated via OSC.
It allowed to control brush sizes and painting steps from the regie, coordinating with the actress.

We had a projection for background scenery, using two edge-blended videoprojectors.
I ended up operating the show from Millumin, during rehearsals and part-time for the exploitation.
The play used several video flux, broadcasted on multiple mediums. Two cameras also appeared on stage and needed live render. I dealed with hard technical constraints, building solutions with mostly good’old analog technologies.
Robert Lepage wanted true black on stage,
I used Art-Net to remote control VP shutters and fade time directly from Millumin.

Kanata was part of Le Festival d’Automne à Paris,
And was presented from 15/12/2018 to 31/03/2019 at La Cartoucherie de Vincennes.
On tour this summer, I operated the show in Napoli,
and coordinated the video installation at
Athens & Epidaurus Festival.


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