Interactive water basin

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No Logo is a gathering that aims at developing the artistic scene of Tunisia.
I was invited to design an interactive art installation, and build it with students during a serie of three workshops.
Students had to deal with sound design, generative visual art, electronic hacking, sawing & drilling.
Each workshop took place in a different city and led to a light&sound totem.
The three totems then merged into an interactive water basin : A’quantic.

We used sanded PVC, one-way mirror film, LED strips and several microcontrollers.
Three hacked Korg Monotrons broadcasted soundscapes through immersed woofers.
Sound frequencies created patterns on the surface of the water, distorting light reflections.
The water bassin is reactive to touch, using the capacitive effect of the human body.
Touching the water would trigger the installation and generate visuals and sounds related to people interactions.

This installation travelled Tunisia for two weeks during the No Logo Tour.
The festival was hosted inside an inflatable bubble made by the collectif La Bulle.
This ephemeral structure, was built with tunisian students, only using pvc rolls and double-sided tape.
We invested the public spaces of Kairouan, El Kef, and Bizerte, offering art and workshops to passerbys.


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